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Get involved in Catawba County! Let us introduce you to these great volunteer opportunities.

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Get your resume ready!  Here you will find resources for jobs available in our area, as well as opportunities for furthering your training.

Ambassadors are our public relations team and are highly visable throughout the Chamber and the community.

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Our longest running program, Leadership Catawba has educated and equipped hundereds of Catawba County residents with information about the social, economic, and political dynamics of our community.  The program challenges each participant to be an effective and influential leader, not only within their organizations, but within our greater community through personal commitment and involvement.

Leader In Me is a whole school transformation process.  It teaches 21st Century leadership and life skills to students and creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader.

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The Catawba County Chamber of Commerce is a pro-business voice that serves as your advocate for free enterprise and work with local government to ensure a friendly business environment that's needed for you to grow and sustain.

Talent Recruitment, Retention and Development

It is essential that we as a Chamber work aggressively on behalf of our local employers to continue to be laser-focused on expedited population growth and the filling of jobs, which goes hand in hand.  We are actively supporting and augmenting the efforts of our Shareholders and Investors to fill their immediate talent needs, while cultivating their future pipeline, in collaboration with K-64. 

Small Business & Entrepreneurship

We are committed to partnering with local government and the robust network of entrepreneurial resources within Catawba County to ensure a business-friendly and supportive climate for start-ups, entrepreneurial growth and expansion, and business competitiveness success.  In addition, we will continue to deliver pertinent programs and events which serve as a platform for our partners to build new relationships, develop themselves professionally, and have access to influential business and community leaders.

Population Growth & Community Development

Economic development success comes from building a vibrant community, in addition to, a talented workforce and a pro-business climate.  We are committed to creating and supporting initiatives that build a more competitive, prosperous region.  In addition, we are committed to telling our great stories, both within and outside our borders, as a great place to live, raise a family, learn and work. 

Leadership Network

Your Chamber continues to serve as the premier organization that fosters a pipeline of community leaders, from elementary school, to young professionals to executive level leadership, who are actively engaged in making a significant positive impact on Catawba County. 

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Our organization exists to tackle the most critical community issues that are impacting your business.  What is keeping you up at night? Prohibiting your growth?  Please let us know.  


Whether you are looking to volunteer, advertise, or attend an event, the Chamber has something for you!  Join us in sustaining the important work the Chamber performs on behalf of our business community.