The economic climate in Catawba County is healthy – unemployment is very low and sales volume and business confidence are high as indicated by our 2018 Partnership Survey results.  As a direct result of these key indicators of a tight labor market, it was no surprise that attracting and retaining qualified talent was cited as the most critical community issue impacting business and inhibiting growth. 


In a tight labor market, you may be challenged with turning to more unconventional or innovative solutions to meeting your talent needs and often times don’t know where to start.  Our hope is that this portal offers a platform to guide you to the resource centers in our community that can assist you in identifying great candidates and ultimately filling your vacant positions.  

In addition to utilizing this "toolbox" of resources, contact Connie Saunders, Shareholder Relations & Events Manager, and she can sit down with you and create a customized plan that meets your needs. 

*The Talent Toolbox application was created by the Leadership Catawba Class of 2018 in an effort to respond to a critical issue impacting business in Catawba County.       


Do you have great positions to fill? Tap into the following resources to assist you with your direct recruitment efforts. 




Talent is the backbone of every organization and data proves that companies that invest more in training and development on current employees experience higher employee performance and retention and overall profitability.  Furthermore, more often than not, employees cite that the lack of job challenge and advancement opportunities is one of the top reasons good employees decide to jump ship. 

Utilize these local resources to cultivate your own talent.


Simply stated, an employer brand is your organization’s reputation as an employer.  Unlike your company brand, which we control internally (logo, tagline, colors, products/services…etc), an “employer brand” is shaped and driven by your employees and other stakeholders. Regardless of how you’d like to present it, this identity and reputation is consciously developed for you and is a stand-alone driver for your effectiveness at recruiting great employees.


Tap into best practices by connecting with your colleagues.  Here are some other local resources you may find helpful to assist you in retaining your best and brightest.