Leadership Catawba Application

Leadership Catawba, our longest running program has educated and equipped hundreds of Catawba County residents with information about the social, economic, and political dynamics of our community. Over the 8-month duration, the participants are immersed in community issues and challenges that our organization positions ourselves to directly address in the areas of Reinventing Community, Telling our Story, Serving our Community, Building for Jobs, Workforce Connectivity, and Small Business and Entrepreneurship. The program challenges each participant to be an effective and influential leader within our greater community through personal commitment and involvement.


Please complete each section limiting answers as specified.  Application deadline is June 28, 2019 or when we reach class capacity of thirty-five (35), whichever comes first.  Participants are selected on a first come basis once the online application process is opened.  A delay in submitting a completed application may result in being placed on the wait list for the 2019-2020 program.  

Statement of Attendance and Commitment

The Leadership Catawba program will extend over a six month period beginning with a two day retreat in August. Participants will attend a total of six full-day and six half-day program sessions from September through February, with graduation held in March 2020.


To graduate, attendance at all scheduled events is expected; attendance at the retreat is mandatory. No more than 12 total hours may be missed in order to complete the program and graduate.